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Trapper’s Glen is the kind of place you won’t find on a map, and the residents like it that way.

When Ainsley “Lee” Shepherd reluctantly takes a room at the local lodge after his car dies, he meets a colorful cast of characters who want nothing more than for him to leave. But Lee is on a mission to find his troubled runaway daughter, Emily, and something about his arrival in Trapper’s Glen makes him think it was less than accidental.

Lee isn’t one to believe in spirits or even superstition, but he soon finds himself relying on both to find Emily and unlock the dark secrets that haunt the tiny town nestled in the pines at the edge of the Willamette forest.

Are the coyotes an omen? What secrets does the river hold? Can a man lose his soul if he can’t even find himself?

Maybe the old man in the cabin can help, or maybe he can’t. But one thing’s for sure, there are awful truths to be found in Trapper’s Glen, truths that most men don’t want to face.


Fairytale Cover
Fourteen-year-old Alexander accidentally steps through a magic portal while searching for his precocious sister, Hanna. His efforts to find her soon have him fleeing a mad despot, talking to an elusive unicorn, and unlocking the secrets to an ancient realm.

But if Alexander is to succeed, he must face his fears, keep his wits, and claim a birthright he never knew was his.

Join the Andersvard children and a colorful cast of characters for a wild ride with some very fantastical beasts, including, a magical fox-like creature named Blue, a wild-eyed wyvern named Fafnir, and the ever elusive unicorn, Astrid.